5 errors of inexperienced sexual assault lawyers in Toronto

Sexual assault is a very serious case and the consequences can be very serious as well. The suspect can expect any kind of punishment from the court and in Toronto such cases are not taken lightly. Further, if an individual is taken into custody as the suspect, it becomes almost impossible for him to get out as innocent. However, the rare chance of succeeding lies with the help of a criminal lawyer Toronto and how he manages to deal with the case. Unfortunately, there are a lot of ineffective lawyers who are not having the expertise to deal with such cases and commit the following mistakes:

  • Plea Bargain – Prosecutors are very active when it comes to defending their cause and through their words try to force the suspect into accepting the guilt. An amateur lawyer cannot help the client psychologically during this time and the client thinks that it is a good idea to plea for guilty. Suddenly, the harassment case can turn into a rape case. Therefore, it is quintessential to find the experienced sexual assault lawyer as found in Brian Ross Law Toronto to safely get through this phase and avoid severe punishment even though the individual is innocent.


  • Cross examination – One thing everyone expects from a lawyer is having proficiency in cross-examining. Unfortunately, some lawyers don’t even recognize the importance of such skills and cannot respond appropriately in the court during the trial. This is where professional lawyers hired from any Toronto criminal law firm will come in handy as they are trained to perform in the court room.


  • DNA samples – DNA is the most important evidence in sexual assault case and the saddest part is most of the inexperienced lawyers don’t even try to reinvestigate the DNA report or try to understand the samples. Some even enter into a plea bargain as they find the DNA match and this is a decision that comes out of inexperience. There are cases where the DNA matches but due to other reasons the suspect is cleared off all charges. This is mainly due to the effectiveness of the criminal lawyer Toronto.


  • Credibility – Getting to understand the validity of the claims of the psychologists and medical doctors is important to understand the case better. Asking them questions and knowing new angles should be the job of a lawyer. However, young or amateur lawyers take the statements of such people for granted. This means loss or concealment of valuable evidence and the mistake will be on the side of the suspect.


  • Suppressing the evidence – Most of the times DNA samples are taken in an unlawful manner and this should be used by the lawyer to use against the officers or the prosecutor. However, inexperienced lawyers don’t want to take the risk of going over the procedure again and let this aspect of the case slip away from them.

As one can observe, all these erroneous actions can lead an innocent to be stated as guilty. The fault would be entirely on the lawyer and the individual has to blame himself for hiring such inexperienced lawyer. So, it is always better to go for an experienced lawyer found in Toronto criminal law firm to improve the chances in a court.

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